Bravo also Esmolf of Spades

BRAVOAs its name implies, this variety will have appeared in the village of Esmolfe, in the municipality of Penalva do Castelo, about 200 years. You will probably have been obtained from a seed tree, whose fruit are highly appreciated, leading to a strong demand for the material and grafting of the variety and dissemination

Product Description

The angry apple Esmolfe's main features:

medium-sized and small, oblong-conical whitish skin, possibly with reddish spots; stained and / or grated russeting in stalk pit, reaching up to 20% of the epidermis;

white flesh, soft, sucosa, sweet, with good taste qualities, intense aroma, nice and quite sui generis;

harvest from the 2nd half of September;

is preserved in the cold between 4-5 months;