Frutibairrada, established in 1998, works directly with the best Portuguese producers. With an experienced team, our priority lies on the rigor and quality of the products we sell, relying on an automatic traceability system which allows constant monitoring. Permanently seeking and investing on national produce, we are specialists in trading citrus fruits from the Algarve region of Portugal.
To ensure the best quality, we establish partnerships with producers who, as certified partners, comply with the established standards of integrated production. The citrus fruits are then branded using our own established brand, NovoPomar.
Our company distinguishes itself by fulfilling its main goal: customer satisfaction, with a transparent relationship and a differentiated service.


Why choose NovoPomar ?

• We are a Portuguese company with a vast experience, partnering with the best national citrus fruits producers and always focused on the highest quality standards;
• We provide excellent variety of citrus fruits, differentiated by the careful selection from the origin;
• We ensure citrus fruits 365 days a year without post-harvest treatments;
• We provide chemical-free post-harvest produce, having in mind your well-being;
• Our products are only subject to the usual preventive treatments in the farm and are free of any post-harvest waxing, thus eliminating harmful effects on your health;
• Our citrus fruits are only brushed, therefore ensuring that the customer has access to quality fruits as if they were directly picked from the tree;
• Given the lack of post-harvest treatments, these measures contribute to a more sustainable environment by reducing the contamination of the aquatic and atmospheric environments;
• By controlling all stages of the process—from field monitoring to brushing, calibration, and packaging—we ensure higher quality and food safety.