A origem da empresa prende-se com a família. O gosto pela fruta foi passado pela sua mãe. Ao longo dos anos, Fernando Alves foi vendo como funcionava o negócio da fruta, tendo em 1992 fundado a primeira empresa com a designação Frutas Fernando Alves, Lda.

logo FrutibairradaIn 1995 he transferred the activity to the Supply Market of Coimbra (MAC), and was in 1998 that decides to give the big step, founding the FRUTIBAIRRADA but already operating in the distribution sector.

The Frutibairrada holds currently the distribution activity that, according to managing partner, "is the strength of the company." "We distribution of fruit and vegetables to various supermarkets and hypermarkets, traditional commerce, schools, public and private institutions, keeping us as operators in Supply Market of Coimbra, with comercalização of fruit and vegetables coming from the Algarve". In order to maintain the quality and interest of our products, it is necessary to be careful and rules. The good quality of the products begins in production, with strict selection of producers.

In April 2011 the Frutibairrada opens a warehouse with an area of 400 mts2, with products that are intended to provide the traditional shops and restaurants, among others. Then the products are packaged according to temperature, humidity and adequate lighting. The space also has three chambers: one for dry, another exclusively for vegetables and one for every variety of fruit.

Given the company's growth, in 2013 the facilities were enlarged to twice, having installed a central processing and labeling of the products sold.

In parallel, the Frutibairrada obtained license in 2009 for freight transport, national and international.